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  • Illustration by alé Mercado for The Heart-Hive

    The Heart-Hive

    In darkness, the bees fill my head with their buzzing. A ceaseless fanning of wings, a clambering. And in fever pitch, my own wings begin to whir. I follow her in her waltz. The Honey Bee. Her purring wings a silver blur; With subtle movements she directs my flight, Weaving between skyscrapers of trees, rustling […]

  • Illustration by Ale Mercado for Net Traffick

    Net Traffick

    Brake light bites  Traffic stops information diverted   Started 31 years ago  Now we truly hit it  1984   People found the warning a bore  G-man 100 miles away  Checkin what I say  Blacklisted   It’s twisted  Nothing private  Paper and pen  Obsolete   More secure  32-bit encrypted  Nothing on them  Gaps in code  They slip right through it  […]

  • Illustration for Internal Garden

    Internal Garden

      My soul is a rusting flower And when its harvest yields I find myself drowning In these horribly beautiful fields Of gold, and pain, and laughter Across torn grins; my soul Paints brilliantly with these flowers That refuse to devour that cold I feel: that rare, confused beauty Writhing behind brilliant eyes My soul […]

  • Illustration for Gold poem by Alé Mercado


    Boldly, brightly, emerges the golden sun; looking down on jade fields and preparing for fun. Upon mountain lakes it gives a glistening glaze, as it sets upon the world its golden haze. It consumes us in a blistering heat, but gives warmth to the sand which caresses our feet. High in the sky its blinding […]

  • Bad Day illutration

    Bad Day

    She sat alone    in her bed with a giant    pain    in her head she tried  to go     outside but then    came back    in to hide the pain    was    too much what    a rush all the pain    in her brain her glasses       she […]

  • Tarmac Towns illustration by Alé Mercado

    Tarmac Towns

    The walls of home won’t let me stay, the children of men will come out to play; but there’s nowhere to run and nowhere to hide, so the only escape is to stay inside. To deny us the right to our Tarmac Towns, These pint-sized sadists make us feel like clowns; yet I won’t give […]