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  • Illustration by Ale Mercado for Have a Moment

    Have A Moment

    Have a moment, Take one, Swap whatever’s your dear Whatever’s near, Give it here and I’ll give you a moment Feel it In your hands, Grip it tight, Don’t let it slip, Use all your might to keep it, Cuz it’ll soar away and away what a sight. I once had a moment , I […]

  • Illustration by Ale Mercado for Gay


    I’m Gay, get over it, Your words won’t hurt me no longer. You can’t change the way I am, I’m just me! If you don’t like me, tough, That’s really not my problem! I can’t help being me! In fact, I’m proud. I’m proud of myself – All those months ago, When I came out […]

  • Illustration by alé Mercado for The Heart-Hive

    The Heart-Hive

    In darkness, the bees fill my head with their buzzing. A ceaseless fanning of wings, a clambering. And in fever pitch, my own wings begin to whir. I follow her in her waltz. The Honey Bee. Her purring wings a silver blur; With subtle movements she directs my flight, Weaving between skyscrapers of trees, rustling […]

  • Illustration by Ale Mercado for Net Traffick

    Net Traffick

    Brake light bites  Traffic stops information diverted   Started 31 years ago  Now we truly hit it  1984   People found the warning a bore  G-man 100 miles away  Checkin what I say  Blacklisted   It’s twisted  Nothing private  Paper and pen  Obsolete   More secure  32-bit encrypted  Nothing on them  Gaps in code  They slip right through it  […]